jimi – the wallet for people who hate wallets


i’m terrible with wallets.  i really do hate carrying them around. more often that i care to admit, i just leave it in my vehicle… sometimes just sliding out one credit card to take into the grocery store with me.  a bad habit for sure, but slightly better than my other habit of leaving it at home altogether. 

i’m not sure how my friend amy over at new nostalgia knew i hated wallets but the other day she sent me a link for the jimi wallet.  billed as “the wallet for people who hate wallets,” i had to check it out. 

i was pleasantly impressed with the demo.  it even comes with a detachable money clip that houses one card and three bills – right up my alley for sure.  but more than the features, i’m just glad to hear that i’m not the only person who hates carrying around their wallet.

with shipping, the product price totals $20.10.  i also noticed it is available through amazon for $19.39.

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  1. says

    I generally dislike wallets because of how bulky they are. In June I came across the All-ett, which bills itself as the world’s thinnest wallet. They are quite cheap, at 14.95, I picked up the “World’s Thinnest Sports Wallet.” It is unbelievably thin and looks like it would fall apart quickly but I’ve had no issues in six months. Just another suggestion for you.

    I enjoy following your story on your blog.

    – Charley

  2. Meg says

    I got down to a fairly thin wallet, but I’ve finally ended up with a binder clip. It’s cheap, easily replaceable, and holds really well. I’ve used it for cards and cash.

    I haven’t tried it in a pocket, though. Mine goes in my bag where it has held up nicely. It’s perfect for when I take an itty bitty clutch with me on dressy occasions.

    If you needed extra protection or privacy I guess you could fold a piece of paper or plastic around the cards, maybe even glue one end to the clip if you’re crafty.

  3. Greg says

    I wanted a simple bi-fold wallet, but last Christmas I got a bi-fold that had driver’s license/credit card holder thing that came out in the center. ah ha, I just cut that out! Now I carry just the license holder with a couple cc on the back side.

    Perfectly thin wallet and I can even slip in a few dollars on the inside. I normally just carry my DL, Debit card, Costco card and on occassion a credit card.

  4. says

    Have a look at my invention called the Bandit Wallet – http://www.banditwallet.com. I invented the bandit for people looking to slim down their wallet situation. The bandit is basically an elastic band made of fabric that is smooth on the outside and rubber on the inside. It look me over 200+ prototypes to get it right and I just launched the product in Feb 2010. Hope you take a look!

    The jimi is a cool little product. I like their color options and various styles.

  5. Shawn says

    I just use a rubber band I get off Brocolli cloves. Granted, any licenses, cards, or paper is not protected. But after two years of doing this, I have less damage to the items than the wallet and I have only gone thru about three bands.

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