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i’ve never kept a journal.  i’ve always wanted to because i think it sounds cool and smart.  unfortunately, my life has never been that exciting and i could never think of enough to write about.  perhaps, my search for a journaling philosophy that works for me has ended.  finally, a minimalist approach…

200 years ago, john quincy adams kept a journal during his travels to russia as a diplomat.  each of his daily entries fit on one line of paper and averaged between 110-120 characters (they are being referred to as twitteresque…). for example, the entry for august 7th reads like this, “Fog. No Observation. Spoke a fishing Schooner from Grand Bank, bound to Plymouth. Read Chantreau’s travels.”

you can read the entire story here: John Quincy Adams, Twitterer?

or you can celebrate the 200th anniversary of the diary by following the daily twitter feed: twitter: JQAdams_MHS

and here is today’s entry for my journal: Hot and Sunny. Business Lunch at Panera. Pizza with family for dinner. Continued reading Wiseman.

not bad for a first entry if you ask me… what would your daily entry look like for today?

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  1. Alan says

    You might find interesting. It’s a very minimal journal/diary. Only allows five short items of the day. I can easily search for what I did on what day. And it helps me see that my life isn’t as pedestrian as I thought it once was.

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