keys to mental well-being

according to the london times online, a team of 400 scientists commissioned by the government have discovered 5 simple activities, which if done daily, will increase your mental well-being and happiness.  the scientific study lists the following:

  • connect – develop interpersonal relationships.
  • be active – sports, gardening, walking, dancing, etc.
  • be curious – notice the beauty of everyday moments as well as the unusual.
  • learn – the challenge and satisfaction bring joy and confidence.
  • give – helping friends and strangers links your wellness to a larger community.

good stuff. it is an interesting list of 5 simple daily steps to a sane life.

i find the article relevant not because of what is listed but because of what is not listed.  contrary to almost every advertisement i have ever seen, there is no link between my personal well-being and obtaining possessions.  happiness in life is found in the little things, not in a department store.   

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