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having kids certainly makes the becoming minimalist journey a bit more difficult.  this can be seen in many areas, although the two biggest that i have expereinced are toys and clothes.  toys seem to come in the house quicker than they exit and managing them is a never-ending job.  the same is true of clothing.  kids outgrow clothes at an alarming rate and the necessary replacements must be purchased.

this past weekend, my wife participated in a kid’s clothing swap at one of the local churches in town.  what a great idea!  parents bring in quality, used clothing items that have been outgrown but are still in good condition and “swap” them for quality, used clothing that fit their child.  if you bring in 10 items, you take 10 items.  it is a great idea for finding new clothes for your growing son/daughter and sharing your used clothes with others who can use them.

obviously, the success of such an event depends on the number and variety of participants, but if you happen to have growing children in your family, i encourage you to look for a local clothing-swap in your neighborhood or community.  you just may find one listed in the “community events” section of your newspaper.  Or you can look here: how to find a clothing swap in your area.

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  1. says

    I found a service that let’s you swap for quality new and nearly new clothing year round. It’s helped control the clutter and the family budget. Now the clothes my kids have outgrown pay for their “new” wardrobe.

  2. Catz says

    Ebay is amazing. I buy only re-sellable items in excellent condition. Then, whenever my little one gets to the size bracket, I make sure he’s got 6 pairs of jeans, two pairs of trousers, 7 tops, 7 jumpers and two coats in the next size bracket by buying from Ebay. When we have everything (will take 2/3 weeks) I wash, iron and photograph his old items either seperately or in a bundle, and I almost always recoupe my costs. It’s good to have playclothes that you don’t mind being stained or ripped, too. I give these to 3rd world children, or linen recylists.

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