letting small things add up

i have been working the past few mornings on minimalizing our basement/storage room.  it is a large room with tons (possibly literally) of storage from the past nine years of marriage, two kids, and four houses.  to date, i have collected over eight 33-gallon garbage bags of items to throw away/sell.  it’s been an overwhelming task and i have hit “the wall.”  the easy stuff is done – what remains is the pile of “questionables.” 

and i needed a break, so i chose an easier project this morning – cups.

it took me about 15 minutes to minimalize one of our kitchen cabinets – the one with glasses/mugs/cups/plates/bowls.  it doesn’t take too much brain-power to know which cups we use and which we don’t.  those we use, i kept.  those we don’t, i threw away.  i removed over 40 items from our cabinet and i love the result. 

i’ll let you know about the storage room…

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  1. Jessica says

    Well my husband and I just went through our kitchen and are getting rid of two boxes of stuff…..Good Call.

    Go Yanks!!

  2. joshuabecker says

    doesn’t it feel great?

    clearing out your kitchen that is… not cheering for the yankee’s.

  3. joan says

    last month i let go of the children’s playhouse to a colleague. had wanted to sell it initially but found it too bothersome to do so. it was such a relief to see my floor space again!!

  4. di says

    I never had a lot of money to buy things. I became accustomed to living with less at an early age.

    Most of what I have was given to me.

    No matter how many things I give away, I still feel I have too much.

  5. Sally Annely says

    Excess mugs, cutlery, crockery etc. is now in the office kitchen. I have a real problem binning a perfectly good item. The office kitchen is a happy halfway house for me.

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