Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness

Today, we released a brand-new book. It is our first book in over two years. It is our first traditionally published work. It combines two of our greatest passions. We couldn’t be happier with it. And I think you are really going to enjoy it.

Currently, it is available for the Kindle and in Paperback.


In Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness, we invite teenagers and young adults to discover the practical benefits of living with fewer possessions. It is a stage of life full of opportunity and promise. And I believe the minimalist message has great opportunity to influence their future decision-making before they buy the big house… the fancy cars… or pursue the dead-end job just because it comes with a large paycheck. I believe most young adults desperately long for greater achievements in their life.

Living With Less is far more spiritually grounded than any of our previous books (or the focus of this blog). It is a book that finds its introduction, its conclusion, and its foundation in the teachings of Jesus. After working with teenagers and young adults in Christian nonprofit organizations for the past 14 years, I had become tired of books on materialism just discussing the evils of seeking possessions. I wanted to write a book that also articulated the practical benefits of owning fewer possessions: less debt, less distraction, more freedom, more opportunity, more intentionality, more passion. I wanted to invite teenagers to embrace a more abundant way to live. I wanted to write a book that went so far as to believe that Jesus actually meant everything He taught.

I work hard keeping Becoming Minimalist free from specific religious philosophies and will continue to do so. I understand the message of minimalism holds benefit to all who accept it… regardless of spiritual preference. Because of that, I may allude to spirituality on this website, but I always steer clear of speaking in specific terms concerning it.

But again, this new book is different. It embraces many of the spiritual conversations and beliefs concerning Jesus Christ. If you hold to the same, you will greatly enjoy this book. If you are unfamiliar with Jesus’ teachings on possessions, you’ll probably enjoy seeing how they have shaped my view of minimalism. But if you are hostile towards religion, this book is probably not for you. 

Relying heavily on the teachings of Jesus and our personal experience of minimizing our possessions, we argue there is absolutely greater joy to be found in owning fewer possessions than can be found in pursuing more. The book concludes with very practical steps that any college student, high school student, or middle school student could implement today to experience the same joy.

The book has been endorsed by Tsh Oxenreider (Simple Mom), Dave Bruno (100-Thing Challenge), Josh Griffin (Saddleback Church), Scott Rubin (Willow Creek Community Church), Courtney Carver (Be More With Less), Joshua Millburn (The Minimalists), Mark Oestreicher (Youth Cartel), and numerous others available for view inside the book.


The book is published by Group Publishing based in Loveland, CO. It is a smidge over 100 pages of highly-readable content filled with practical truth and engaging stories. It is short enough that teenagers and young adults who pick it up will be able to finish it quickly. But it is long enough to cover all facets of the conversation that I believe to be necessary.

The physical copy sells for $7.99 while the Kindle version sells for $6.39. (Nook version to be released shortly).

Living With Less is based heavily on our first book, Simplify. And while it contains some material that can be found elsewhere (previous books, blog posts), almost 50% of the book is entirely new. And the sections that can be found elsewhere have been rephrased to connect with a younger audience. Plus, as I mentioned previously, the spiritual background to our minimalist journey has not been told anywhere else before this book.


Well, then, you have two options:

1) Don’t purchase the new book. No worries. We’ll catch you with the next one. We’re not done writing books. And I’d never recommend you buy something you don’t need… that would defeat the whole purpose of what we’re doing here.

2) Learn something new by buying the book anyway. If you are familiar with the life and/or teachings of Jesus, you’ll find this book to be highly informative and challenging in your understanding of His message. If you have teenagers in your life, you’ll discover a new framework with which to engage them in conversation about the role of possessions in their lives. And lastly, you’ll be supporting us. Your purchase puts us in a far better position to pursue publishers for future projects.


1) You can buy the book. I’m steering my audience towards Amazon.

2) You can share this announcement with your friends by posting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, pinning to Pinterest, e-mailing a friend, or just talking it up in conversation with others. You are this book’s marketing campaign. Thanks for taking a moment to spread the word.

3) You can post a review on Amazon. Your reviews are very helpful as they prove the message in the book connects with its readers. After you read the book, posting your review would be really helpful.

But mostly, thanks for being part of the Becoming Minimalist community. You make sharing our words with the world possible and highly enjoyable.

Joshua Becker

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Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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  1. Heather says

    This book looks great! I appreciated your heart for a broader audience and yet being willing to expose your faith. My husband happens to be a youth pastor and has worked for nonprofit ministries also- and we have a teenage daughter who is interested in and has experienced minimalism as well! In 2008, we moved to London from the States with only boxes on the plane- with 2 daughters aged 6 and 12. A few years later we unexpectedly did the same in the other direction. No storage unit awaited us, so there was no safety net. Minimalism allowed us to follow God’s leading and continues to allow freedom within. Thanks for all your words of encouragement!

  2. says

    Congratulations, Joshua! This is a message that is more effective the earlier it is learned. When we focus on owning less, we get to live more! Thanks for your work and for your unflinching commitment to truth.

  3. says

    There’s a passage in The New Testament, I don’t know which one exactly, but it states that if you want to find true peace and happiness, we are to give up our worldly possessions, pick up a cross and ‘come follow me'(Jesus).
    I remember that point in my life vividly (2/8/01) where I just sat outside my home, on the street stoop and said to God that I had tried to live my life my way and it was a big failure. I was ready to give up everything and live God’s way. I just followed Jesus and His wisdom, had faith and trusted. What transpired after that day has been an 11 year journey (and still going strong) whereby one by one ALL the possessions of the past have been discarded (flood, repossessions, lost, sold etc.) and a new me has been completely reborn. Everything I have now is completely new and given to me by God. I have only what I need and nothing more. For the home I lost in 2001, God has given me 2 homes (mountain home and a beach home), for the car that was repossessed, God has given me 5 brand new ones………same with my lost motor boat, God has given me a sailboat. From ashes comes beauty. God has given me a new life and I know in an instant how God can take everything yet away again. They are nothing but mere possessions, never to be given more respect than God Himself.
    It has been a journey of discovery, peace and adoration. Something money could never buy. How blessed I have been to have experienced such grace. I am living more than I could possibly have imagined.

    • says

      Not sure the message I’m after is remove one car so that you can gain five more… This book is about owning fewer possessions and finding more life because of it. Our souls long for far greater fulfillment than worldly possessions.

      • says

        I didn’t get them all at once. It was several years apart and over time (and it was for husband and myself). There is no doubt that where I am today is with far less than what I had in the ‘before time’. That’s what I like to call it. We only have what we need. Nothing more. Our lives have no clutter. No excess. Only what are necessities in our current life. Sorry if I didn’t explain it correctly.

  4. says

    I think it is a great idea to target young people with this message. As you say, give them some food for thought on all these things BEFORE they ensnare themselves with the largest debt items. Best wishes to you in your launch and beyond.

  5. Michelle says

    The book looks great – will it be in epub form for other e-readers? Hopefully!

    BTW, I really love the newsletter. Keeps me motivated and I love reading the articles. thank you!

    Michelle in B.C

  6. says

    Josh, is there a way to get “Simplify” in another format than the Kindle? I don’t have one and not really interested in getting one at this point. Can I get it in paperback/hardback or PDF format?

  7. Benee' says

    Joshua, I’ve been following you on Facebook, and have adopted (work in progress) the living with less lifestyle. It’s been a two step forward one back for about 2 years now. I’m an addict (22 years clean/sober) though not a christian, I do know what it is to be of service and give back what I have been so freely given. My life. I will buy your book, read it and then pass it along to the next person who may need to hear what you have to say. When I think back to the happiest time in my life, it was when I had very little physically and everything emotionally and spiritually. I’m striving to get back to that place. I can see and feel it not to far away. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Benee’

  8. says

    Very cool! I saw your post on Zen Habits and when I read your mention of “noble character” I thought immediately “He knows Jesus!” :) Then I clicked the link, of course, and saw this post…and am buying the book shortly..and posted about it on my youth pastor’s facebook wall – as I’ve been a youth leader with the youth ministry for six years. I love that you’ve provided a way to help teens!

    • says

      Rig, just to be clear. Leo’s link to my site should not be considered an endorsement of my (or any) religion… just like any link from my site would not be considered an endorsement.

  9. Jennifer wallington says

    Love your 2 previous books and blog etc
    I am looking forward to reading the new one my 2 boys are nearly 9 and 6
    We aim to lead a minamalist and simple life
    The only thing I want for my boys is for them to be true men of god I hope that with their upbringing they will have the opportunity to embrace this as they won’t be persuaded to Pursue the banking job and paycheck route etc with miserable lives, wives and material possessions
    Thank you for your brilliant writing Jennifer

  10. BV says

    As a person of faith who is not a Christian, I just wanted to make an obvious point. Now, whilst I haven’t bought this, esp as I’m not a teenager and I don’t have children, I wanted to say that I’ve read many books which include Jesus and/or Christian teachings, and I have found them to be incredibly useful.

  11. B says

    Just discovered your website in the past week. We are in the very early stages of “simplifying.” I am not surprise to find out the content in this book. I had a real sense from your writing that there was a higher purpose to your life of simplicity. Thanks SO much for writing this book. Just bought it, and look forward to reading it with our teenager.

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