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We love sharing stories of people choosing to live a minimalist life. Recently, Lotta shared her story with us through our Share Your Story page. We hope it encourages you in your own minimalist journey.

I have always had a relationship with stuff, my parents emigrated here with nothing and worked hard to provide for their family. We didn’t have everything but we had the full complement of the things we had.

In turn, I became the same way – almost obsessive about collecting every item in the Tupperware catalogue for example. Compounded with an unhappy marriage I collected until we could barely fit into our wee home. Stuff came and went – I would feel guilty, purge… panic and buy up again.

It wasn’t until the end of that relationship that I realized how choking my “stuff” was, and how tiresome and time consuming it was to maintain it all. I read the article on books and it was like a light went on. Such a liberating feeling giving these books away – almost 70% of my collection. Same went for toys, clothing, handbags, footwear…. there is much work to do but I am relishing the freedom. I cannot express the gratitude I have for you Joshua, Leo of Zen Habits, Flylady Marla Cilley and Lissanne of Sorted for your compassionate and practical way of turning one’s life around.

My children are at such peace, they have become involved and together we are reshaping our future.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Lotta. And best of luck as you continue to shape your future.

Joshua Becker

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    thanks you for the beautiful and helpful insight….my son has just turned one year, and we are striving for no screen time. this is not difficult for me, as I was not raised in a “tv” heavy household….however, my husband was “babysat” by a tv all his life…the habit is very hard for him to break..but we are making lots of progress:)

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    Lotta, Joshua,

    Thanks for sharing the story! When my parents moved from India to Us when we were kids, we had a 2 bags each of stuff, now it has grown too much. I have been simplifying and decluttering my life for past 7 years and it is work in progress!

    We do not need much stuff to live! I sure love my simple living, although I am not sure I call my self minimalist as with kids we have more stuff than we need right now but not too much! Balance is the key.

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    I understand the feelings of guilt involved with purchase, purge and purchase. The cycle feels never ending some days. It’s the same reason that I’m working on my own lifestyle – not quite minimalist, but not quite as much as I had before.

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