maintaining accomplishments

over the past 11 months, we have minimalized most of our house.  here is a list of our accomplishments:

after 11 months and too little maintenance, here is a list of rooms that need to be reminimalized:

  • master bathroom cabinets
  • work office
  • home office
  • kids’ rooms
  • junk drawer
  • master bedroom
  • toy room

somehow, i’ve got to get excited about round 2… and about finding a better maintenance system.  any ideas?  it is a bit frustrating, but noone ever said living minimalist was going to be easy.

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  1. WendyK says

    I am reading this almost a year after it was published and you’re probably 1) already on to round 3 and 2) have already figured out the answer on how to deal with this:

    establish minimizing/decluttering routines that address the different zones or areas of your homes on a weekly or monthly basis. you have to build the minimizing into your habits. see

    • Kira says

      I love this idea, Di!

      Sometimes all the objects and our preconceived ideas of a room’s “purpose” cloud our vision; creating a list of desired activities for each rooms seems to help (i.e., do I really need a separate office when I always use my laptop on the kitchen table? Does it make sense to store games in the basement when we play them in the living room? etc.).

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