minimalism and nativity sets

i saw this the other day.  i thought it was cute, clever, and minimalist.  and i thought you might get a kick out of it too.


i do, however, apologize if you waited two weeks for this post…

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  1. Christy Z says

    To me, minimalism is limiting my life to things that are significant to me. My precious olive wood figurines would take up the same amount of space as these blocks of wood, but are beautiful and meaningful.

    I believe minimalism is about having fewer things that you love, not just having something to take up space.

  2. Zeus Thaber says

    @Victor: Your use of bronze-age is ragingly inaccurate. Perhaps you could become more minimal by loosing your misconceptions about history.

    In addition to that, I’m sure you could become more minimal by cutting back on the judgmental worldview too.

    • Kate says

      Well, in one respect, he was right about the myth aspect…
      Historical evidence has shown that it probably was not three kings that happened to visit exactly for the birth night.
      This is why I’m laughing at Victor as I glance respectfully at the crucifix I have placed on my desk. (Minimalists display what is important to them. Well, there is a handspan-high crucifix on my desk, with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and that’s it…)
      Rather, evidence shows that it was probably a group of stargazers, noblemen, and other high persona, including their personage, who finally made it to young Jesus when he was perhaps 2 years old. Take a look at the passages in the Bible, and you will notice that the location of the birth was spoken in terms of a stable, stall, cavern, or shed. Read where the ‘men from the east’ arrive, and there is suddenly talk of them ‘entering the house in which the woman and her child were’.
      Although you wrote your entry two years ago, I still wish you a contemplative Advent. :)
      (And dear Victor too, even if he refuses to accept it. :D)

  3. says

    I love this! We’ve (unsuccesfully) been looking for a nativity set, but if this one was sold around here, it’d definately win! ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands

  4. Gina says

    Agreeing w/ Christy Z. I love nativity scenes, these wouldn’t do it for me. Just shows different strokes for different folks.

  5. tammy says

    or an idea that might be most meaningful and minimal of all, though I can’t claim credit for it. Some friends of ours did it annually. They only put up a Christmas tree, no other decorations; however, she also always baked a birthday cake for Jesus. It said on it Happy Birthday Jesus and they sang the song. Her kids loved it and they still have very special memories of it! And it’s consumed completely. Nothing to take out or put away.

  6. di says

    To me, if I decorate less, then there’s less to put away.

    I have a few extra decorations, but every year I rotate with just a few at a time.

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