minimalism and the fourth

total obedience is possible only when God has our supreme allegiance.  today we need to hear again that God alone is worthy of our worship and obedience.  the idolatry of affluence is rampant.  our greed for more dictates so many of our decisions.

the ten commandments begin with three staccato warnings against idolatry.  and the fourth commandment of the sabbath rest strikes at the heart of this everlasting itch to get ahead.  we find it so very hard to rest when, by working, we can get the jump on everyone else.  there is no greater freedom to lay down the heavy burden of getting ahead.

richard j. foster

Joshua Becker

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  1. di says

    Why are we always competing against our former selves and others to always be better and better?

    Just the way we are may be sufficient.

    We don’t really need more or the best of everything.

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