minimalism quick tip – dvds

donate your movie dvd’s to the library… but sell your cd’s in bundles on ebay.

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  1. says

    If you have a local used CD/DVD/bookstore, they’ll buy your DVDs from you. That’s how I got rid of my collection. I made enough money to live off of (I was unemployed.) for two months.

  2. Travis says

    For a while I “collected” DVD’s.

    I told myself that 1) DVD’s don’t take up a lot of space, 2) I’ll save money by buying them when they were “cheap” and 3) I’ll save money by not having to rehire them


    1) 100 DVD’s DO take up quite a bit of space
    2) Buying a DVD because it’s cheap isn’t “saving” money
    3) If I only watch the DVD once I’m not saving any money at all

    FWIW – I just binned mine. Just managed to survive when I got caught trying to bin my Wife’s DVD’s (she’s watched them once only and I seriously doubt that they will ever be watched again)

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