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I ran a google trend labs search on the term “minimalism” today and was surprised to find the top ten countries searching for information. Here are the top ten:

  1. hong kong
  2. iran
  3. south korea
  4. united kingdom
  5. indonesia
  6. philippines
  7. australia
  8. singapore
  9. malaysia
  10. new zealand

i find two things interesting.

1) the variety of countries searching for the information.  there doesn’t seem to be a ton of commonality between them.  far east, middle east, western europe – all in the top 3.  there aren’t any glaring religious ties that bind as well.  just interesting, that’s all i’m saying.

2) no mention of the united states.  it seems to be a movement that is gaining ground in america especially among the environmentally conscious younger generations, but still not enough to break the top ten.  even with shockingly high energy and food prices, the capitalistic nature of america that is so ingrained in our souls continues to win out.

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  1. Kate says

    As someone who lives in New Zealand I’m often frightened that we are following in America’s steps. Not because America’s a bad place but because there are simply some aspects of the American culture that a) do not work and b)have no hope of working in the future as scarce resources become even scarcer.

    The amount of consumer debt is becoming more and more apparent in NZ. The media driven “because I’m worth it,” compaigns that induce as to spend more on stuff we don’t really want or need are also spreading their tentacles across our TVs and magazines.

    sigh. when will people wake up?

  2. says

    The common thread between the countries is most likely that they have limited space. Like Japan. Japan is a cramped place, so they need to live minimalist lives to make up for their lack of space. While America has enough livable space for people to be happy with their clutter. It’s not right, but it’s how it is.

  3. Luisa says

    Sorry for reviving this post almost 4 years later, but I don’t see any Western European countries (or generally European, for that matter) on this list other than UK, which didn’t make it in the top 3… I’m a little curious which one you meant by your first statement? (:

  4. Andrew Chong says

    Hi, am from Malaysia. Now living in HK. Reading your website,and now like your Facebook and also made the moving transition to HK so easy..with less stuff.

    From you..getting to know Leo of ZenHabits,and recently reading JFM and RN essays.

    Love you guys for your inspiring work.Keep it up. It is a never ending journey.

  5. di says

    For me, minimalism was just a way of life, because I only had one small income.

    What if your husband lost his job?

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