minimalist by choice (Change Gears, Change Lives)

in may 2008, i chose to become a minimalist.  since then, i have begun to  ask myself questions like:

  • what things in my home should i get rid of?
  • how can i declutter this room?
  • which articles of clothing in my closet should i give away?
  • do i really need to purchase this item?
  • how do i live contrary to the current consumer culture?
  • how can i teach my children to not waste their money?

i know a young man in reynosa, mexico who is a minimalist not by choice.  he is a minimalist because he has to be.  contrary to my questions above, he asks himself questions like:

  • how will i feed my family today?
  • will my one-room home be large enough as my children grow?
  • where will the money come from to clothe to my family tomorrow?
  • how will i make an honest living in this capitalist, consumer-driven economy?
  • how will my children be educated to read and write?

alex hopkins is a 17-year old young man who has given his spring and summer to help men and women in reynosa mexico who are minimalist – not because they choose to be, but because they are required to be. 

he has singlehandedly organized a fundraising bike ride named “Change Gears… Change Lives!”  the purpose of the ride is to raise money and awareness for the impoverished community of reynosa, mexico.  his goal is to raise $10,000 to build a feeding kitchen for the purpose of healthy meals, education, and emergency shelter.

i encourage you to find out more and make your tax-deductible donation at “Change Gears… Change Lives!” 



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  1. di says

    You are fortunate to have so much.

    Many of us have to look at priorities over and over again just to purchase a single necessity.

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