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“minimalist moment” – a moment in time when my journey to become minimalist impacted an unexpected decision.

i forget exactly why i ever thought it was a good idea to take home the hotel shampoo/conditioner/lotion.  i think it was because i thought it would be good for weekend travel, which it is… but last year when i cleaned out my bathroom, i realized that i didn’t need a whole shelf full of little bottles of shampoo. 

the other day when i was checking out of my hotel room, i went to grab the little bottles just like i always do.  but then i remembered, i have become a minimalist… and i already have a little bottle of shampoo waiting at home for me.

it seemed like a minor victory at the moment, but it doesn’t take too many minor losses to make one major cluttered mess. 

looking to minimalize your hotel shampoo collection?  here are some creative ideas:

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  1. Christy says

    ME TOO! I still catch myself wanting to tuck a few away “just in case”.

    I got rid of all of ours a couple of months ago. My parents have a cottage we visit a couple of times a year. We left several there – it’s nice not to have to pack toiletries for a stay at the lake.

    The other was a local women’s shelter – apparently when the ladies flee for their lives, they arrive with nothing, and they like to make up little baskets of toiletries for each lady. It felt great to purge my collection knowing these ladies would get a little taste of comfort at a rotten time.

    Welcome back! Keep blogging, we’re all fighting the clutter fight together! And’s ongoing! :)

  2. Ken says

    Another way to be a minimalist about this is by not buying any shampoo, but rather taking AND using the hotel shampoo…

  3. crunchycon says

    The hotel I most frequently use has my dad’s favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner – he was the lucky beneficiary of my backlog of tiny bottles and was happy to get them. These days, I don’t pack shampoo or conditioner, but use the bottles provided. The leftovers, if any, go home with me and get dumped into larger bottles of shampoo and conditioner. No more tiny bottles lying around.

  4. Ceci says

    When i started staying in hotel rooms, i did the same thing! I’m trying to go thorough my collection of tiny mini soaps, and donated a bunch to a shelter.

    But i still have the compulsion to take whatever is “free”.

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