minimalist moment – my birthday present

i am just about to celebrate my first birthday since becoming minimalist and creating a wish list has been extra difficult this year.  today, my wife surprised me with my gift: a membership to the local gym.  hooray!  not only will my home stay minimalist, my waistline just might become a bit more minimalist too.

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    • Kira says

      Unfortunately, just walking isn’t quite enough for most of us. Walking IS wonderful, but what about additional weight-bearing exercises to avoid muscle loss as we age?

      Walking, push-ups, and tricep dips are a few ideas that can be done at home. I for one know I get a much better lifting workout at the gym than I do at home though. True, dumbbells can be purchased to increase the number of exercises that can be done, but weight should be increased as you progress and that would require buying more dumbbells. Dumbbells aren’t exactly cheap if you factor in needing different weights for different exercises, and then also increase your amounts to see more progress.

      For those who have space, investing in an at-home gym is a great idea (especially if you get one set of dumbbells with adjustable weights). For those without space (or who like the social aspect of working out), the gym is great.

      Honestly, I’m a little put off by your comment, Di. “Just walk” may be the perfect solution for YOUR life, but Joshua (and other readers) would probably appreciate a little more thoughtfulness in your comments. I’m guessing you don’t intend your comment this way, but it (and others I’ve read) comes across as if you don’t even enjoy watching Joshua’s journey towards minimalism — all you offer up are ways he is failing to meet your expectations. How about some positive words to support him on his journey?

      • Nanda says


        I agree with you. I just started to read this blog (and I like very much) a few days ago. Perhaps I am wrong but I think the same about these comments.
        (Sorry for the bad english)

  1. Kathleen Hemingway says

    I have been thinking the last couple of days about what does a minimalist give as a gift? I came to the conclusion that a lot of times minimalist gifts are experiences rather than things. Minimalist gifts that are things are meticulously thought out or consumable. This is something I will continue to ponder because gift giving is my family’s main love language.

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