minimalizing and serving others…

i once taught a seminar on “the personal benefits of serving others.”  actually, i called it “the joy is in the serving” which is not all that more catchy now that i see them side-by-side.  regardless of the boring title, it was good information and a good seminar.  i especially enjoyed teaching it because i really do believe that there is personal joy associated with serving others. 

this weekend, we received an opportunity to continue our minimalizing and mix in the personal satisfaction that comes from serving others – both at the same time. 

at my son’s bus stop (of all places), my wife struck up a conversation with a lady who volunteers with Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.  they help refugees and immigrants gain personal independence and economic self-sufficiency.  the volunteer mentioned the desperate need the organization was having for donated towels, linens, and cookware.  knowing that our household (along with most of America) has more towels, linens, and cookware than we need, we offered to help and quickly compiled several boxes of the desired items to be donated.

of all the minimalizing projects that we have done around the house, there seemed to be a special joy associated with this one.  the special joy of knowing that our stuff would be going directly to people who need it.  there is a satisfaction and sense of purpose that comes from serving others… almost like we’re not truly living unless we’re living for others.  look up your local chapter of the USCRI and see what needs your local chapter is experiencing.  you just may enjoy minimalizing more than you ever have before.

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  1. Christy says

    What an awesome idea! I’ve been thrilled to discover how easy it is to downsize when you are giving something to someone who needs it so much more than you do.

    There are lots of Crisis Nurseries and Pregnancy Centers that can take baby/kids stuff too.

  2. laura m. says

    Women’s shelters, group homes have benefited from my donations of good used linens, blankets, cookware, household items, etc. stuff I don’t need or no longer use.

  3. Denise says
    This TED talk shows the research in how giving brings happiness. Seems obvious but it’s still a really great watch.
    I started reading your blog a week ago from the beginning and I’ve really enjoyed it. My goal is to downsize into a tiny house trailer and I’ve been looking for inspiration!

  4. di says

    Over the years, I’ve donated many household items throughout the neighborhood, but mostly to one family of seven. Always a good feeling.

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