minimalizing my electric bill / annoying my wife


my dream has come true.  my wife’s nightmare a reality.

my Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor was delivered today.  our local power company offered a $65 rebate this past month and i jumped at the opportunity.

for those of you unaware of the benefits of this brilliant money-saving device, allow me to list a few:

  • it will gauge the exact cost of the electricity you are consuming at any given time.
  • it will estimate your monthly electrical bill based on your per/day usage.
  • it will measure each of your appliances so that you know how much it costs to turn them on.   
  • it will alert you if you have gone over your “first-tier” kwh pricing.
  • it will help you reduce your energy consumption, which is good for everyone.
  • it will remind you to shut off lights/televisions by its very presence.

as i mentioned, we received ours today.  within 25 minutes, it was completely installed and working properly.  i took the evening to experiment with many of our electrical devices to determine their actual cost/hour.  here are some of the results:

  • hallway lights     (03  cents/hour)
  • outdoor lights     (01  cent/hour)
  • 27″ tube television     (02  cents/hour)
  • 32″ lcd television     (04  cents/hour)
  • desktop computer     (03 cents/hour)
  • oven     (42  cents/hour)
  • microwave     (15  cents/hour)
  • washing machine     (25 cents/hour)
  • clothes dryer     (71 cents/hour)

i highly recommend this product to minimalize your monthly electrical bills.  even without changing your lifestyle drastically, the actual utility cost/hr of your home devices is enough for you to make simple, money-saving changes.

like i mentioned, i was able to purchase ours for $35… which is a much better deal than $109.  although even at $109, it will eventually pay for itself.

the only drawback is that your wife may not enjoy you running around the house turning on/off every electronic device… especially if she’s trying to watch it at the time.

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  1. says

    Wow! I love knowing about this. 71cents/hr for the dryer??!! Do you know how many times I “fluff” a load b/c I didn’t get the clothes out before they got cold and wrinkled, then forgot I only wanted to “fluff” for a few minutes and before I know it, the dryer has run through a whole drying cycle again? What a waste! Makes my stomach hurt…
    I do think this device might trigger a slight OCD I am pretty convinced I might have.:) Thanks for the info. Great post, as always.

  2. Samantha says

    The Australian government luckily provide these devices for free, along with a free half hour assessment. The assessor comes to your home, gives you energy saving globes for the house, sets up this little device to track energy usage & costs, plus assists in showing you how to save money on energy costs. After this became popular, temporary solar rebates of thousands of dollars were offered for those who could afford the initial outlay. Now it is quite normal to see solar panels on every second house.

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