minimalizing political speeches

with only twelve days left before the american presidential election, i thought i would take the opportunity to help the candidates minimalize their speeches.  the following phrases have been so overused and are so nebulous that they are immediately discarded by nearly every listener as political speak.  i recommend you minimalize your speech by removing them entirely.

  • “i will eliminate special interests in washington.”
  • “i will reach across the aisle.”
  • “i will reduce our dependancy on foreign oil.”
  • “i will create more jobs.”
  • “i will balance the budget.”
  • “we’re going to win in november.”

and the worst of them all…

  • “i am going to work for you.”   

do you have any political phrases that you would like to see minimalized from political speeches forever (or at least the next two weeks)?

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  1. Tyler says

    I agree. I follow the candidates but I stopped listening to political speeches years ago. Here’s one. “I have no litmus test for judges.” You know they do.

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