my kids play garage sale


this past weekend, my son (7) and daughter (3) decided to play “garage sale.”   i love when they go all out with their ideas.

first, they pulled many of their toys out of the downstairs play room and brought them into the living room.  second, they arranged them all by type in various sections of the living room.  third, they put price tags on the toys.  fourth, they handed monopoly money to us, the parents, and asked us to buy some things at their garage sale.  the store was complete with a cash register at the end to collect money and distribute change.   (the cash register was the only thing not for sale… even though i offered them most of my money for it).

since that enjoyable saturday afternoon, i’ve been trying to wrap my head around what it all means.  maybe you can help me out:

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    Have you thought of a “real” garage sale where you buy some of your kids toys and then pack them into shoe boxes to give to Operation Shoe box (or Operation Christmas). My family of 3 kids live currently live in Bogota, Colombia and as an American I am flabbergasted as to how “rich” we are in comparison to many of the Colombians! Granted, we’re just gov’t employees, but these children that we bump into often have nothing and really do live in shacks! What a way to become a minimalist! I used to do the ‘Operation Christmas’ but since living here I see how it’s really just a trickle of blessings for just one poor country. If you struggle like I do with the mounds of stuff your kids get and scatter…and your’e tired of reorganizing lincoln logs from legos, this might be ideal for you!

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