new ebook on personal finances: unautomate your finances by adam baker

i wanted to take a moment today to introduce you to adam baker in case his life story is able to improve yours. with a very distinctive voice, adam and his wife have been sharing their journey of removing personal debt online at they have set out to pay off 100% of their debt by selling most of their belongings and changing their spending patterns so that they can begin living the life they’ve always wanted and travel the world (which they have already begun doing).

recently, they released an ebook titled unautomate your finances where they offer 27 core steps to remove debt and start truly living life. if you are struggling to get out of debt, this book may be just what you need to take control of your spending and jumpstart your financial takeover. i’ve been looking forward to endorsing this book for several reasons:

  1. the approach uses no gimmicks. the book does not promise any magic-bullet, get-rich quick schemes. it calls the reader to make intentional sacrifices and hard decisions about their finances and spending patterns. and let’s face it – living financially responsible lives today takes hard work in our media-saturated culture.
  2. the ebook utilizes the benefits of minimalism in its approach reminding us that we have hundred of dollars (if not more) of “crap” already sitting in our homes that could be better used to pay down debt.
  3. the book is full of practical tips and advice. while 27 core action steps may seem like too many for some, i appreciate the detailed, comprehensive list leaving nothing to chance.
  4. the full money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied is always a nice touch.

i write often about living within your income and removing the enslaving nature of debt from our lives. if the burden of debt has been weighing you down, you may want to check out the new ebook: unautomate your finances. it sells for $17.00.

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