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perhaps it’s a bit quirky, but recently i turned off all of the icons on my dektop.  and i love it!

for those that aren’t aware, you can turn off your pc’s desktop icons by right-clicking the desktop > clicking “arrange icons by” > and un-checking “show desktop icons”.  before i did that, i moved some of my regularly used program shortcuts to the quicklaunch taskbar just to make sure they were quick to load (auto-hiding the taskbar takes care of the evidence).

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  1. Troy says

    Yes, I love this idea. I’ve been doing this for awhile to see my desktop picture uncluttered. I also minimize task bar and push it to autohide. Creates a very clean apperance.

  2. says

    Woo for an uncluttered desktop! I have a MacBook and did the same thing recently. My tool bar hides unless I hover over it so all I see is the window I have pulled up. :)

  3. Travis says

    I’ve only recently discovered this option (through another minimalist blog). Personally I’m very chuffed with it :-)

    All my previous attempts at cleaning my computers desktop have all come to naught as my screen gets cluttered again a few months later.

  4. di says

    My icons, bookmarks and folders change with time. I frequently delete to make room for something new or just enjoy the time away from any extra clutter.

  5. Preben Carlsen says

    Why use the desktop for files and folders at all?

    I enjoy a 100% clutter free desktop:
    Rule No. 1: You cannot use the desktop for files and folders
    Rule No. 2: You CANNOT use the desktop for files and folders
    Rule No. 3: If you break rule 1 and 2 – clean up as soon as possible

  6. Mandi says

    This is a good and simple minimalist exercise for those that need to take baby steps for a clutter free home. My laptop came with around 21 preset shortcuts on my desktop, and I am now down to 6 icons that I use the most frequently (3 shortcuts for work, 1 shortcut for the internet, 1 shortcut for my favorite Mahjong game, and the Recycle Bin icon.)

    For desktop wallpapers, I use seasonal ones and change them as the seasons change. I am currently using an Autumn themed wallpaper and once Winter arrives I will change it to a Winter theme. It’s a lot of fun and I try to keep no more than 8-12 high quality photos for seasonal desktop pictures.

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