one disadvantage of minimalism

in the interests of full disclosure, i must disclose that today i discovered the first non-benefit of minimalism.

nonbenefit #1 – your wife begins putting her toiletries on your shelf in the bathroom because yours is organized and hers is not.

i guess i’ll have to take the good with the bad.

Joshua Becker

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  1. lori says

    That is hilarious, let me know when you get to her closet and her shoes! Kylie could use some hand me downs :)

  2. joshuabecker says

    hey sis, nice to have you aboard. bring an extra suitcase in august – we’ll fill it up.
    – posted by joshua

  3. Morgan says

    I experienced the same thing! My toiletries were the first thing I addressed and my wife quickly annexed the new-found space.

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