one month

we’ve been minimal for one month now…

  • the house is cleaner.
  • the house stays cleaner. 
  • there is less clutter taking up space and energy in almost every room.
  • needed items are easier to find – especially in closets.
  • there is less distraction in our offices – work and home.
  • spending is down.
  • we’ve made $250 selling our old things and donated countless items to charity.

it’s been a good month for a typical suburban family in america becoming minimalist

last week, one reader commented that she had been inspired to donate 5 bags of clothing to the salvation army.  have you been inspired to minimalize any part of your home/life over the past month?  if so, let us know.

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  1. Sunshine says

    I know I’m late on commenting, but your posts are very inspiring! I have four big trash bags, of clothes, shoes, and household objects waiting by the door, ready to be donated. Over the past year, my boyfriend and I have donated an additional nine bags of stuff we just didn’t need cluttering our lives :) It feels so nice to be free.

  2. Kathleen Hemingway says

    In the last month (but not the month you asked the question) I have been inspired and made our bedroom minimal. My husband is happy because though he’s not minimal he’s always been neat while I have been excessive and lazy; a combination which results in never being able to see a horizontal surface, or the carpet for that matter. =D I’ve gotten rid of 1 kitchen trash bag of shoes, 2 bags of clothing from my dresser, and 2/3rds of my hanging items!

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