one week anniversary

today marks the one week anniversary of this blog going live.  it has acomplished everything that i was hoping – it has kept my mind focused on our decision to become minimalist.

on a side note, the traffic to this site has increased everyday.  it’s interesting to see how people have arrived at this blog.  over the past week, the following search engine terms led to this blog:

  • money 
  • money advertisement
  • 3 kids
  • minimalist thought
  • i now live a minimalist life
  • minimalist lifestyle benefits
  • minimalized house design
Joshua Becker

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Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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  1. says

    Hello there,
    I am so inspired by your blog, it is safe to say at this point in time that it’s my favorite…I follow a small handful. (Even more than some other minimalist blogs…you know who). I look forward to your emails. I am now even going back and reading your blog from the begging! It is very cool to see your transformation. I am trying to start a blog of my own….It’s tough…to be vulnerable. I recently gave a 5min speech about minimalism, I absolutely love it. Any blog advice? Thanks for your time! Love and light, Renee

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