operation: minimalist office complete



what i did:

  • removed every book that i have not/will not use
  • removed wall hangings (notes/record albums/college degrees)
  • removed all paper clutter from desktop (stored in my top drawer)
  • removed all office equipment from desktop (stapler/tape)
  • removed noncurrent clutter from bulletin board
  • removed misc clutter from bookshelves (souvenirs/sports memorabilia)
  • painted


  • able to focus / less distraction (my mind matches my activity)
  • a vision for the future (no longer tied to the past)
  • more energy (clutter is so mentally draining)
  • endless possibilities…
Joshua Becker

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  1. robo57401 says

    Oh-oh, I messed up on my posting location….please refer to the “100 things” below posting about a TV reality show idea that should have been posted under the “before & after office” pics…..

  2. rlmays says

    I love it! It is true Especially in an office that the cleared clutter makes working easier. Thanks for the pictures. rlmays

  3. di says

    I don’t have an office, office equipment or office supplies, because I use a handheld computer. I’ve never print papers, because I send emails. Memory is stored in the cloud. I can work anywhere at any time.

    I prefer to sit in the park, at the beach or in the backyard.

  4. Beck says

    Have you thought about adding an inspirational art piece to the wall? The right piece might help you visualize a bright future or help you develop new, creative ideas. If not a landscape, then maybe something abstract?

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