operation: minimalist office day 2 results

today i received my storage bins for my computer media.  i need quick easy access to a variety of cd’s and/or dvd’s during a typical workday.  i ordered some storage boxes from staples to keep my cds and dvds stored out of sight and they arrived today.  i’m happy with them.  cheap, good-looking, and functional (can’t beat that).

i’ve been researching paint colors for my final step and hope to decide on a color by saturday so that i can paint over the weekend. 

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  1. ellen says

    You can get an external hard drive with several tera bytes for around $100. Then you won’t have to load all those CDs every time you need them. Also, if your computer fries, you’ll have everything backed up on the external hard drive.

    • says

      If your 11.6 ACER uses XP..you won’t have the DVD ftcntionaliuy..But all Windows[tm]OS have CD ftcntionaliuy..If the 11.6 ACER comes with Vista..you should be A-OK..Vista Basic might have some lesser device ftcntionaliuy..I have a DELL Latutude D600..it uses a Ext. SONY DVD Drive..my LapTop has both Firewire and USB(2.0)..as does the SONY DVD Model..===My LapTop needs the CyberLink DVD(XP)Player 2.0 to use DVDs/I don’t think I have seen a WRITE-only Optical Drive..Its all about XP or Vista OS..XP..don’t do DVD/[end]

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