operation: minimalist office day 3

today i picked a paint color, prepped my office, and applied the primer. tomorrow, i’ll apply the new color to the walls.

picking a paint color for my office was harder than i thought – it’s never easy for me (i don’t “visualize” real well) but this was particularly tough. on one hand, i am committed to a minimalist theme prefering a color that is not distracting, yet expansive. on the other hand, i’ve got to live with the furniture that i’ve got (bulky oak, nothing like this: milk desk). and choosing a color that is too cool and sterile doesn’t necessarily create an inviting environment (which i need to offset my personality).

after changing my mind on the way to sherwin williams, i finally decided on a color called “respite” that is a mid-tone true blue. it’s not too cold. not too warm. not too boring (my wife talked me out of grey). and it seems really close to the color of the sky on a sunny day. i’m looking forward to putting it on my walls tomorrow afternoon and posting pictures on monday when the furniture is returned.

i hope you’ll check it out.

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