Celebrating Three Years of Simplify


"Practical and to the point. Half way through this book we began cleaning out our cars, then our dresser, and now our closets. Very motivating." —Jane Mayer Three years ago, we released Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their … Read More

Grow Someone Past You


"You can tell who the strong people are. They are the ones building one another up rather than tearing them down." Recently, I was hiking with a friend. By every measurable standard, he would be considered successful in business. Over the few … Read More

Searching for Security


It is human nature to need and desire security. We’ve just been looking for it in all the wrong places. A sense of security can come either from material goods or from supportive relationships. In fact, researchers point out that people who do … Read More

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.


There's more to life than buying stuff. There are many wonderful people pursuing and promoting simplicity. Fortunately, some of them are gifted in communication and choose to encourage and inspire us with their words. I enjoy reading their unique … Read More

The Downside of Influence


Influence is a worthwhile pursuit with the power to change individuals, organizations, communities, even entire civilizations. It can, of course, be used for good or evil. And the allure of influence can be deceptive. But good people with an … Read More