One Important Pursuit to Find Greater Happiness


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” —Mandy Hale There are two pursuits common to humanity: the pursuit of self and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of self comes quite … Read More

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.


Possessions do not bring us happiness. In fact, often times, they keep us from it. The simplicity/minimalism movement is a beautiful community. It is friendly, encouraging, and helpful. There is a genuine understanding that any promotion of … Read More

The Stories We Don’t Tell


The stories we share with one another are important. They provide context and history. They connect us with the past and the people around us. They offer insight. They transfer wisdom. And they provide inspiration. The stories we choose to share … Read More

Why You Don’t Need to Run with the Cool Kids


"If you don't fit in, then you are probably doing the right thing." In high school, I played tennis and my favorite class was Accounting. I found out pretty early that the tennis team didn’t get invited to many parties…neither did the … Read More