panasonic’s new 150inch plasma display

does our decision to become minimalist disqualify me from ever owning this?

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  1. Theresa says

    Yes, banish that thought from your mind! My husband and I canceled our satellite TV March 10, 2009 because the monthly cost had risen to over $60. Now we watch DVDs and take advantage of what is available online, using my 24″ iMac as our “TV”. Since we haven’t used our TV set for over seven months, we are considering selling it.

  2. Jonas says

    A 150” TV might be a tad overkill, however I don’t interpret minimalism as banishing all luxuries from your life. My wife and I recently bought a 50” Samsung HDTVon massive sale for our living room because we didn’t have a tv at all. We only have high speed internet (no cable tv), and from that we can stream netflix, youtube, news, etc.

    Moving into a decluttered, minimalist-style life helps you afford a few nice things like the TV (quality over quantity) because you have much better control over your expenses, savings, etc.

    That is just my thought on it. We like to enjoy ourselves while still being extremely responsible, organized, and counter to the culture that says buy anything and everything you want regardless of your situation.

    • Mandi says

      I completely agree! I also agree that you can be a minimalist and still keep a few luxury items in the house if it enhances your life. For example, My husband and I enjoy movie night once a week or so. We love to make homemade popcorn which is so much better and cheaper than popcorn you get at the movies. We want to upgrade and enhance our theater system so we can have a “going to the theater” movie experience without actually going to the theater :-)

      It is definitely an investment that will enhance our lives and give us better “at home” movie theater experience. Our plan is to upgrade our 47 inch TV to a 60 inch TV and upgrade the TV stand to one that has a minimalist appeal with drawers for hiding movies. Our current TV stand is completely open and it gets incredibly dusty and looks very cluttered! Once we get our new stand we’re going to spend time going through our movies and decide which ones we want to keep and which ones to sell. We will be so much more organized, have less clutter visible, and will more than likely not need to spend as much time dusting.

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