Previewing Everett Bogue’s Minimalist Business

Everett Bogue has rereleased his new e-book Minimalist Business. I read the book last month immediately following the initial 24 hour release and have been looking forward to offering my review.

I respect Everett. I have learned important lessons about blogging and networking by simply observing him. In fact, speaking of networking, when I talk to my wife about Everett, I refer to him as the glue that holds the minimalist blogging niche together. He unites us by encouraging our efforts, promoting our work, and introducing fellow writers. Before Everett, I didn’t know any of the other bloggers in the simplicity niche. Today, I am grateful for the friendships that have been started. And he has introduced me to many of them.

In addition to helping me network and introducing me to some wonderful people, Everett has helped me make money from Becoming Minimalist. And while this website was never launched as a money-making endeavor or to replace my 9-5 job, it is nice to find out that your hard work can be worthy of compensation.

Everett has always had different goals than me which I respect as being ambitious, exciting, and lofty. His dream is to embrace a minimalist life so that he can live and work from anywhere, support his lifestyle completely online, and work only 4 hours per week. I, on the other hand, have had no desire to begin a “Minimalist Business.” I enjoy living as a minimalist and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same. But, beginning a Minimalist Business is not something that was ever on my to-do list.

And for that reason, I began reading his new e-book Minimalist Business with a bit of skepticism. Frankly, I was curious to see if it would be helpful to me in anyway.

It was.

Actually to be honest, I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed Minimalist Business. I found it to be full of practical tips to help me further the promotion and intentionality of Becoming Minimalist. Sometimes, it confirmed what I had already learned by observing him (networking, promotion, selling, etc). Other times, it taught me something new that I would have missed (managing yourself, connecting with your followers, building a movement, and twitter helps).

If you are hoping to begin a minimalist business online to support your lifestyle completely, Minimalist Business is a great place to begin the journey. In fact, if that is your desire, Everett offers a package complete with 30-day workbook and 30 days of email coaching to really get you started down that road.

If you are just hoping to take your blog to another level and produce some income from your hard work, Minimalist Business is also a great place to start. I wish I had read this book two years ago when I was just getting started. It would have saved me countless hours of trying to learn things on my own.

If you are interested in making money online, you’ll benefit from this book. I’m positive that his newly-released updated edition is even better than his first! I’ll gladly stake his forever money-back guarantee on it.

Everett Bogue has authored two other e-books: The Art of Being Minimalist and How to Create a Movement. His books always carry a touch of class and sophistication that make us all look better. Once again, thanks for not disappointing.

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  1. says

    Thanks Joshua for the preview about the Everett’s upcoming book.

    Your short introduction about the book, made me feel more stronger in the decision, that I want to buy his “Minimalist Business”.

    Once again, thanks a lot.

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