quick tip #1 – remove vhs tapes

we have begun a new series here at becoming minimalist that we call “quick tips.”  three sentences or less to a less-cluttered home.

quick tip #1 – remove vhs tapes from your home.  don’t just store them, remove them.  if you really watch them that often, buy the dvd (it’s better quality picture anyway). 

quick tip #2 – get rid of your vcr too (it’s just taking up space now that you don’t have any vhs tapes).

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  1. Kathleen says

    Hmmm… I have removed my old beta tapes. However, I still use my 2 VCR’s (they work, why upgrade?) so I’m keeping all those old tapes. Also, the local library still has VHS tapes on their shelves, so sometimes the best way to get movies I haven’t seen is with the VHS tapes (the DVD wait list can get pretty long!).

    I do, however, reuse the VHS tapes until they totally degrade and I have to toss them. I no longer save things on the tapes, I just tape shows I don’t have time to watch right now. And yes, I do watch them!

  2. Patch says

    Does anyone including charities actually still take VHS anymore? I know even thrift stores are starting to shun them en masse too. I see the Library mentioned above but I figure most were onto DVDs at the very least now if not downloads. Those that do still take VHS might like to have the VCR too, something to preview/rewind videos on.

    I’m downsizing/minimizing, but also trying to keep as much as possible out of landfills, recycling as my last resort (Keep-Sell-Donate-Recycle). With downsizing being a popular cultural trend right now it’s surprisingly difficult to find even charities not bombarded with our excess Stuff and Clutter and who simply don’t need it, don’t want it. If I don’t need/want, I at least want my usable stuff to go do someone who does want/need it, another “forever” home if you will.

  3. di says

    We know a family of seven and they appreciate everything we pass their way.

    Ask your church for a list of families in your community.

    Our church keeps a list of people that need Xmas presents as well.

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