re-accomplishment: the master bathroom

i wrote earlier about our need to return to some of the rooms that had previously been checked off our list as minimalized.  despite our efforts to maintain minimalization, old habits can be tough to break.  and so this morning, i found myself in the very master bathroom that once served as our first accomplishment.  today, it became our first re-accomplishment.

the task was definitely lighter than one year ago and we were practiced up going into it this time around.  we stuck to the same game plan that we have used numerous times over the past year:  pull out every item, sort it into three categories (remove, relocate, or return), and return organized. 

within one hour, the task was complete:  the garbage bag was full, the cabinets were well-sorted, and getting ready in the morning has again become a simpler task.

it has been awhile since we made a clean-sweep of entire room as opposed to routine maintenance.  it feels good.  i’m rememebring again the joy that came with becomining minimalist.

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  1. sarah says

    out of curiosity, what all did you manage to collect in a year? and did you toss everything or rather give it away/recycle the bottles?

  2. says

    @sarah – there were numerous bottles of shampoos and conditioners (regular size and sample size) that had collected under the sink. a few hair care products that were partially used but moved under the sink when they didn’t work or the hairstyle changed. a small stack of toothbrushes from the local dentist. and a number of things that we had held onto “just in case” during the initial sweep, but removed since we didn’t use them in the past year. we recycle at every available opportunity.

  3. Christy Zacharias says

    Josh, We did two sweeps of each room too.

    Honestly, I think the first time is an initial purge, and the second far more intense because you’re re-visiting items and can be realistic about how much/how little they’ve been used since you went through that room last. Once you see what hasn’t budged since the first sweep, it’s easier to put it in the purge pile.

    Kudos to you for sticking with your commitment – it’s a long slog! :)

  4. di says

    Little by little, purging becomes part of weekly cleaning.

    I keep a paper bag in the closet at all times. When it’s full, I take it to God Will. It’s easier for them to sort through a few things at a time than an entire car load.

  5. Cheryl says

    I just went through my kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for the 2nd time, and it’s been about a year since the initial shelf-by-shelf purge. Definitely easier to let go of those “just in case” items a year later, when I can plainly see they didn’t get used at all in the past year. I think I’ve done better this year, too, at not letting useless (to me) stuff into my house in the first place. Appreciate the blog!

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