rent a potted christmas tree.

i just think this is such a brilliant idea:

Fake or real? The sight of all of those Christmas trees tossed out to the curb, once the new year dawns, has always made me wonder whether an artificial tree wouldn’t be more eco-friendly.

Now comes what may be the perfect solution: renting a live potted tree. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that is catching on in the United States and abroad.

In Portland, Ore. in 1992, the Original Living Christmas Tree Company began renting out live trees, picking them up after the holiday and replanting them in watersheds across the Pacific Northwest.

you can read the whole news story here.

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  1. says

    I love this idea! We have an artificial tree now, but I think this is great for people who get a real tree every year. I want to cry when I see those poor trees sitting on the curb awaiting garbage pick up.

  2. says

    I have read this story a few days ago, while I think it surely a better choice compared to cut tree or fake one, best one I like (for us) that is to have a live plant on our garden. Plants go through shocking when it goes from outdoor to indoor weather, or so I have heard from gardeners.

    What do you think?

  3. Sherri says

    See – I would think chopping down Christmas trees as being eco-friendly. Most Christmas trees are grown specifically for Christmas – to be cut down. If we didn’t chop them down, no one would grow them.

  4. tammy says

    am i the only one who feels nothing but saddness when the glorious, tallest tree of all is trucked in, tied on like some sacrificial lamb to the slaughter and then hoisted up for the city of New York to discard after a few weeks? i live in a part of the country that doesn’t seem to value trees that much and what it takes to get them to that size. i have absolutely NO problem with a fake tree if it will save a beautiful oxygen-giving live one.

  5. says

    Real trees from tree farms are actually not a bad way to go, ecologically. They are raised like a crop – such as flowers, wheat, corn, etc. to be cut down at the right town. These trees can be grown in areas where soils are not good for other crops, and it helps to keep the soil better in other areas. Because they are real, they can be composted when the season is over and even help to fertilize land or used as wood chips. Artificial trees are artificial – and can’t be composted or easily recycled.

    Besides that, you are supporting local businesses that encourage the planting of trees and keeping acres of land that are for natural/farming purposes.

    So if you can’t rent a tree, or like me and will probably kill it before the season is over, a real tree is still a good option.

  6. Charlotte says

    After having bought a potted christmas tree a couple of years ago, and never “getting round” to planting it after the holidays were over, we decided to use what we already had in our house. Thus our friendly ficus plant gets all dressed up every year in december, and then sheds its baubles and tinsle in january to resume its usual function.

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