returning a favor


it feels good to return a favor.

when we were a young family just starting out (in our early 20s), we received some wonderful gifts from good friends to help furnish our home: an entire bedroom set, some kitchen appliances, entertainment unit, among others.  when our first child was born seven years ago, we were again blessed with countless gifts to help us get started.  i am thankful for those who were generous enough to share their good fortune with us.  and yesterday, i returned the favor.

or maybe i should say, i passed the favor on… not to the families who got us started, but to a young family expecting their first child.  i delievered our crib and changing table to their apartment yesterday and joyfully set it up in their nursery.  they were grateful…  just as grateful as i was when someone helped my family get started.

maybe you can pass on a favor too.  what do you have in your home that can be passed on to someone just starting out?  is there a young family in your life that would appreciate your help today?  a young family at your work, in your neighborhood, or in your church?  one of the unintended consequences of becoming minimalist is the less i care about physical possessions, the more i am freed to help others.


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  1. Don says

    I wanted to leave a comment to let you know I’ve been following and reading your blog. For the past 4 years I’ve had this thought brewing in the back of my mind about living a more simpler life. After three moves in those four years, my wife and I have realized how much “stuff” we have. With this last move, we realize we will be stationary for at least a few years and have now begun to de-clutter. Slowly, but surely, we are scanning old pictures and memorabilia and tossing the boxes of junk. The number of kids toys has decreased steadily and our home is becoming a bastion of serenity.

    Thanks for all your posts and ideas about minimizing! Keep it up!

    Hopefully in a few months we’ll be able to share our story.

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