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recently, rhee shared her story of becoming minimalist through our share your story page. we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it.

Hello, my name is Rhee and I’m from the Philippines. I met my Life Coach last September when I thought my life was in total chaos or disorder. She fed me alot of thoughts about the so many ways on how I could improve my lifestyle and my life itself. She did all these things for free, I didn’t pay her anything but an endless Thank you. I was so lucky because the truth is she helps others too but with a certain amount like 500 dollars for an hour. See how lucky I am? Not only that, she is a Minimalist and I came across this website last week when she told me to read about minimalism.

The moment I read about the stories here, I knew that my life’s going to change in another aspect. I love things, I love keeping old things, old papers which are of no use, old clothes I thought I could still wear someday and a lot more. I moved to a smaller apartment last week as well, and it is only then that I realized I have been keeping a lot of these stuff. So after reading all I can in your website, I stayed all night last Friday and Saturday and sorted everything I can. I threw away those useless papers which I only kept for old time’s sake. Packed some clothes which are ready to go to anyone who would like them. Gathered all accessories I no longer use and more. I was so tired and irritated at the same time because I do not know where to put the other stuff that I have. Of course there are still that I cannot let go because of sentimental value, but I know that I’ll be able to finish everything well. I have started a life of a minimalist, I’m turning 24 and I know it’s never too late to declutter.

Today when I arrived in the office I gave away some clothes, accessories and other things and they were all gone in less than 10 minutes. :) I’ve never felt so glad. I don’t feel so light yet since I know I still have to give up a lot of things so I can fully live a minimalist life, but I know I’ll get things done soon.

Thanks for the inspiration. :) Your site is a big help.

hooray for you rhee. we have a special fondness for people who are just finding minimalism and beginning their journey. i’m sure it will lead to less chaos and more oder in your life.

we are always looking for more stories to share. consider sharing yours.

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  1. Deb J says

    I wanted to make a comment about something I learned aboutgetting rid of things of sentimental value. I am not much of a pack rat but I have a friend who is. She had all of these things she kept in boxes because of their sentimental value. SHe didn’t have room to display them all and even if she had room she said the clutter would bother her. So I suggested she take good pictures of everything in those boxes and put them in an album then give the items themselves away. She did this and we both suggest this to others. Now when she is feeling sentimental or talking about a specific subject/time she can look at the pictures of those items and be taken back in time. I know an album is still more than some would want but it has been a real boon to this friend. What was really great was that by doing this she was able to see many things and with the money started her own home based business. It is said “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” In this case it was also worth $1000s too.

  2. says

    Congratulations, Rhee! It’s great that you discovered this lifestyle so early on in life. I am 27 now and started to minimalize about a year ago. I am still in the process of doing it! It definitely takes time, so as long as you are patient and work hard at it, you will be fine! And also know this: You will make some mistakes, but you will learn from them. This whole lifestyle has a learning curve!

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