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in case you are looking for a weekend decluttering project – how about minimalizing some of the old make-up that you no longer use (or rarely use)? perhaps, this article will give you the inspiration to finally remove some of the old products you may be holding on to just in case… what is the shelf life of make-up?

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  1. queen stuss says

    I’ve just done this recently. I worked out that, seeing as I only wear make up 3-4 times a week, I don’t need ten different lipsticks or shades of eyeshadow. And that if I bought it while I was studying, that made it at least seven years old, and probably shouldn’t be still in my collection!
    I have kept, in colours that suit me, not :
    2 eyeliner pencils (one black, one blue for ‘special occasions’)
    4 eyeshadow colours
    1 mascara
    2 lipsticks
    1 lipliner, though I don’t really use it very often – it has to prove it’s worthiness!
    1 lipgloss
    1 mineral foundation

    It all gets kept in one little bag. If we go on holidays, I just take the bag, I don’t have to choose the make up I want to take. When I put make up on in the morning, I don’t have to choose between a whole range of colours. It doesn’t take up too much space in my bathroom.

    I’m feeling very happy with my tiny make up collection!

  2. says

    So glad I found this blog! I am a mom of 3 and my organizing business is called MS. Simplicity. You are going to be a great source of inspiration to me. We are a home of 3 cars as we live in a city without public transportation where we live. I would love to reduce the mileage that we drive (I am on average of 300 miles a week)

    I wrote a blog post about not only the makeup but the medications that we hold onto and the reasons why.

    • di says

      Many conventional medications are not well-regulated. Many have severe future side effects.

      Herbal meds are considered to be low-dose toxins.

  3. says

    I did this just recently and discovered a powder blusher I’d had for (and I do indeed blush) 30 years! I realised that although I hadn’t used it in all this time it reminded me of my younger self, getting made-up on a Friday night with my house-mates, ready to go partying, looking very fine. I’m sure those associations are why I hung on to it. It’s amazing how emotions intrude into areas of decluttering you never imagine. The blusher is binned now!

  4. Kate says

    Heh. One thing I needn’t unclutter. I wear no makeup due to skin issues. Only thing on my shelf is a glycerin-based cream!

  5. di says

    When you overwhelm your body with foreign substances, such as chemicals, it wastes energy trying to discard rather than heal and replenish.

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