Fall 2013: Where I’m Speaking. What I’m Saying.


“You’ll be happier owning less.” — Joshua Becker

I am looking forward to a number of conversations around the country about minimalism in the coming months. Some opportunities stem from things I was previously working on, while others have pushed me to further explore the intersection of minimalism and life.

Whether discussing entrepreneurship, simplicity, or faith, I continue to find living with fewer possessions to be a life-giving pursuit. It is one that frees the human spirit and the human heart from material possessions. It allows us freedom to direct our focus towards more meaningful pursuits. And in every opportunity, it is always my hope to share this inspiration with others. If you are located near any of these upcoming opportunities, please join us:

_Thinking Richer About Money.

August 5-9. Okoboji Conference. Okoboji, IA.

Early next month, I will be in the beautiful lakes region of Okoboji, IA presenting thoughts designed to redefine our spiritual thinking on money, possessions, income, work, and generosity though the lens of minimalism. The Okoboji Conference presentation will take place over the course of 5 morning sessions (M-F, 10:30am-12:00pm). Attendees are welcome to attend any or all morning sessions.

Open to the public. Registration not required. Information available here.

_Contentment. Happiness Cannot Be Bought.

August 25. Journey Church. Peoria, AZ.

Marketers seek to convince us their products will increase our happiness. From soda and alcohol to fashion and automobiles, happiness is offered to us in our very next purchase. But the truth of life is that happiness cannot be purchased no matter how hard we search for it in material possessions. Happiness cannot be bought. Happiness can only be discovered.

Open to the public. Information available here.

_Minimalism and the Future of the Church.

August 29. A Unitive One Day Conference. Seattle, WA.

During this one-day, TED-style conversation, I look forward to presenting alongside some of the sharpest minds in the world today (Bill Clem, Jeff Bethke, Jason Ostrander) to discuss the changing face of the church in America and what the future holds. Consumerism has long held the church from reaching its full potential. It is time to admit that fact and move forward with greater freedom and opportunity.

Open to the public. Please join us. Registration required. Information available here.

_The Impact of Minimalism on Entrepreneurship.

September 21. Always This Good Live. Phoenix, AZ.

Doing work you love should be accessible to anyone who is interested. Minimalism provides that opportunity. Additionally, minimalism impacts entrepreneurship in very significant ways. Minimalism lays the foundation for pursuing passion projects, social entrepreneurship, balance, generosity, and people over profits. I look forward to discussing the practical implications of minimalism at this local conference specifically designed for entrepreneurs.

Open to the public. Registration required. Information available here.

_Simple Living.

October 5-6. Emmanuel Mennonite Retreat. Minneapolis, MN.

I am excited to spend a weekend talking simplicity, generosity, and social influence in the beautiful state of Minnesota… I did, after all, spend 8 months living there back in 1986.

Church family event. Closed to the public.

_The Life-Giving Pursuit of Minimalism.

November 10. Journey ChurchGretna, NE.

Our lives are too valuable to waste chasing possessions. Unfortunately, both outside and inside the church, the pursuit of wealth and materialism remains one of the greatest undiagnosed distractions of our time. But Jesus offered bold, life-giving teachings on money and possessions. And correctly understood, his ideas bring life, freedom, meaning, and fulfillment to those who choose to embrace them.

Open to the public. The morning presentation will be followed by an evening workshop on guiding principles to declutter your home and life. Information available here.

_Around the Web.

Over the past week, I have recorded upcoming podcasts with both Entrepreneur on Fire and Wrestling with God. Follow me on Twitter to get the most recent updates on their release dates. And if home for you is not located near any of these presentations, you can still find me writing here on a regular basis.

In Your Community.

My heart is for the life-giving message of owning less and my passion is to extend this invitation to as many people as possible. I work hard to accept as many reasonable speaking opportunities as possible. I would love to hear from you. To book me to speak in your local community, please e-mail me directly or discover more details on our Speaking Page.

Joshua Becker

About Joshua Becker

Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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      • says

        I second the “please come to Tampa/ Tampa Bay area” ;-)
        I am right near Tampa, in St Pete…I would LOVE to have you come speak at my healing studio, could host up to 15 inside and probably 40 if we utilized outdoor space too. (Studio can also host you/family as overnight guests if desired, it has full bathroom and a kitchen)
        If a larger group/audience/participants needed I will do my best to secure a larger venue.

        • Tara says

          I don’t have the means to host the event, but I would certainly attend a Tampa area event. I hope to see you soon!

    • joshua becker says

      That would be great Vincent. I’m also working on something for downtown Phoenix, but haven’t finalized quite enough details to go public with it yet.

  1. Suze says

    Please let me know when you come to Southern California!!! Thank you for all of your posts and your FB page. You truly help make my mornings wonderful :o)

    • joshua becker says

      I lived 6 years in the beautiful New England state of Vermont. I’d love to make it back east soon.

      • Melissa N says

        I’ve only been visiting here a couple of weeks, but I thought I read somewhere that were in VT. which is where I live. I thought surely VT. would be on the list, but now I know why it isn’t. Where do you live now?

  2. Nina says

    I am at the very beginning of my journey to building a tiny house and your blog has been instrumental in my ongoing progress of downsizing (started the process last October, found you only about 2 months ago…I LOVE THIS BLOG). Will be keeping this information in my mind’s post-it note section because I’d love to present a multi-faceted workshop at the university where I work regarding sustainability, carbon-footprint, consumerism, portability and also construction of a tiny house. We have a big sustainability-dedicated campus so I hope to pull it off! Thank you for helping me to explain my path to others.

  3. Christin Judd says

    Maybe we’ll see you in Atlanta, Georgia, one day… until then,
    continue raising the bar for us all through your writings.

  4. marcel says

    consumerism is a mental disorder and the solution is minimalism. To be attached to objects is truly insane. To let an object control you is like living with a control freak. To be free is to become a minimalist!

  5. says

    Joshua, I’m curious about your craft in securing speaking opportunities. Do you actively respond to requests for speakers or are you at the stage where organizers contact you?

  6. Bob Alderink says

    I facilitate a discussion group in my church on faith and justice issues. We have a unit on simple living. We also have a Wednesday evening speaker series. Would you be anywhere near west Michigan (Grand Rapids area) early 2014?

  7. Tanya says

    I can’t wait to see you on TED talks!
    Love your blog and your approach to the philosophy of minimalism…..I have been greatly inspired by you and Leo Babauta!

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