structube modern furniture

we’re taking some relatives to montreal tomorrow to show them the city.

whenever we visit montreal, we always make a stop at one of my favorite minimalist furniture stores: structube. it’s like minimalista, but more affordable. specifically, i’ll be looking for a new clock for the wall in my redesigned office. i’ll let you know if i find anything… in the meantime, check out some of structube’s furniture design.

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  1. Kira says

    Thank you for sharing! I have an Ikea coffee table that I love for its clean lines, but with small space living I would prefer multi-functional pieces. I’ve been thinking I should switch to a storage ottoman (with trays on top) as a coffee table, but I’ve only seen clunky ones so far. The Structube coffee tables look like they fulfill the storage function without sacrificing clean lines. I’m definitely going to research them a bit more.

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