“stuff” pushes important things to the side

i’m digging out my desk after a busy weekend of work (40 hours just on friday-sunday).  when i get rushed, papers and files just pile up on my desk until i can catch my breath and sort them out.  that’s what i’m doing today.

i just cleared 2 stacks of papers from my desk and found an important note scratched on a sheet of paper.  it’s a letter of sorts.  it was such an important letter that i put it on my desk right in front of my computer so that i would be reminded all day long.  but alas, it got pushed aside and buried under piles and piles of papers.  and when it “became out of sight,” it became “out of mind” as well.

i found it this morning and was reminded of its importance, weight, and promise.  oh, how i wish it had not been crowded out by the accumulation of “stuff.” 

too often this metaphor defines me – not just in pieces of paper, but in life’s joy and value.  this “find” has become my encouragment and challenge for the day –  don’t let “stuff” push aside the important things in your life.

now that my desk has been sorted and cleared, this note and its message has again returned to prominence in my life and attitude.  thank god.

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  1. dagmag says

    Hi! Been lurking for a while, and I love your site and insights! This post made me want to comment. I know too well the way that ‘stuff’ can often get into the way of more important things. Just yesterday, i was grumbling and complaining; storming around the house picking up this toy and that toy…and I found myself crabbing to the kids about all this junk; and how they shouldn’t have it if they couldn’t respect it…blah, blah, blah. And I stopped. And realized what a beautiful day it was outside, and how gorgeous my kids are, and how really well-behaved they actually are. I just couldn’t get myself past the ‘junk’ until then. And I’m so guilty of enabling this whole scenario; buying the junk, letting them bring home the junk. I resolve to STOP; and I hope that this new insight will help us all to appreciate the intangibles in life. So much of childhood is fleeting; except of course those cursed McDonald’s toys which will outlive us all…

  2. di says

    It helps to develop a simple system and stay relatively disciplined. I use an index card as a reminder.

    To save space on the card, I record one word for each thing that needs to be remembered. Once something is complete, I erase it from the card.

    I make 4 columns on the index card. One is for errands, one is for chores, one to remind my husband, one to remind myself.

    I look at the list every morning and night. At night, I plan on what to do the next day. I try to accomplish at least a few things per day.

    This system has become routine and everything gets done in a more leisurely way with a lot less stress.

  3. di says

    Sounds like you need an in and out bin along with bins for important, not so important and things that can wait.

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