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I am 49 years old and work a lot of hours in the medical field. I enjoy life outside of work. Running, hiking swimming reading etc. Clutter makes me anxious. Too much to look at, too much to keep clean, too stimulating when I need to relax.

 My elderly parents are packrats, antique collectors/dealers and lean to the hoarding side. Depression era mentality? Just thinking about their stuff makes me overwhelmed. I have been decluttering for about 2 years now.

The junk and extra fluff was easy and satisfying. I am down to the hard choices with emotional baggage. The $300 handmade pottery fountain that has sat in the basement for 5 years. Finally had a friend sell it for $40. Things like that make me very careful of what I buy now.


 Getting rid of books was so easy. I donated them all to the library for fund raising, took the tax deduction and use the library as my personal storage facility for books, CD’s and magazines.


The clothes (a little harder) gets divided up between Goodwill and consignment. Again that makes it much easier to resist impulse buys and sales.


Freecycle had been great for decluttering as well. The analog TV and VCR. Don’t miss tv at all. I look to see what is asked for and if I have it…gone.thank you susan for sharing your story with us. 

I feel so much better now. It gives me the freedom to do what I want instead of always cleaning and picking up. My house is always ready for company and if I lost everything in a fire well that is not the worst that can happen to me because I have let go of needing/wanting stuff. The stuff is not my life. Like any life changes though it is always on my mind. I need to be reminded of why I have made the choices to let go and not start buying/shopping again.

This site, Unclutterer and Zen Habits keeps me clear on what I want.



susan, thank you.  

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  1. di says

    I usually buy from Good Will and eventually donate things to them as well. Saves a lot of money. Always plenty to choose from.

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