the amusement park ring toss

even when you win, you lose…


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  1. walker says

    so true…. one year on becoming minimalist, down to the hard decisions now. Hard at first, but when you get rid of something – the burden of that thing is now gone!

  2. Sarah says

    I am a new reader to this blog and love what you are doing! My only concern is that I haven’t read about you recycling anything – but maybe I haven’t read far enough. It must be a great feeling to take bags and bags of stuff out of your house and into the garbage. Just think how much GREATER the feeling would be if you were to recycle your clutter instead of tossing it in the trash.

  3. erin says

    i am laughing so hard right now after reading this!! one simple line and picture and that’s all it took! if i am ever feeling down, i will search for this post again!!

  4. Mo says

    I remember that from my childhood…. Grandpa always wanted to buy lottery tickets for me, but I’d rather NOT win any of the prices fro htose lottery stalls.

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