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sorry about straying from my usual subject matter, but leo babauta has released a brand new ebook today.  brand new ebooks don’t typically excite me.  but this one comes from a very special author.  leo, perhaps more than any other internet author, has been influential in my family’s quest to become minimalist.  he has helped me think through living simply in more ways than just physical possessions.  and his blog,, currently ranks among the top 10,000.

he has just released a new e-book titiled The Essential Motivation Handbook. it was written as a way to help those who are trying to be more productive and reach their goals, but are having problems finding the motivation to stay on track.  incidentally, the book is selling for $14.95.

i thought that a guy who has been so helpful to me, deserves a quick-plug for his new book.  thanks buddy.

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