the mind clutter of an unfinished project

as i sit in my office on monday morning, i have a difficult phone call on my to-do list that i need to make.  i found out about it last week, but have put it off until now for the very reasons that make it difficult.

unfortunately, it ruined my weekend.  starting on friday when i got home from work, i was unable to relax.  whenever my mind found a spare moment to wander, it immediately wandered to the phone call that i am dreading to make.  i could have spared myself two days of anguish by making the phone call right away and getting it off my list and out of my mind.

i couldn’t help but be reminded of the book by karen kingston, clear your clutter with feng shui.  in it, karen wisely recognizes unfinished projects around the house as a major contributor to physical clutter in our homes.  after this weekend, i would like to add the truth that putting off projects causes clutter in our minds and lives as well.

now, where is it that telephone…

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