this morning’s minimalist dilemma

i encountered an unexpected minimalist dilemma this morning at the dentist’s office… do i accept the roll of floss even though i still have three rolls left from my last three visits?  tough call. 


as you can see, i took the case.  maybe i’ll take up flossing…

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  1. says


    I was told a long time ago by a dentist: you don’t need to floss all your teeth; only the ones you want to keep.

    I guess if you can minimize the number of teeth you want to keep, you can cut down on the flossing.

    (All pun intended ;-)

  2. Melissa says

    Toss it in your car. I’ve found flossing while traffic is at a standstill to be a productive use of time.

  3. Jasileet says

    I give it to my hoarder sister who flosses almost obsessively.

    We’re devoted to flossing 2x daily with disposable floss picks found nearly anywhere. Inexpensive, essential and neat.

  4. says

    I TOTALLY hear you! I just took my son to the dentist yesterday and walked away with the toothbrush and floss.
    I’m ok with the toothbrush, but the floss? we have the last 3 that his dentist gave us.

  5. Jeanne says

    I began simplifying about ten years ago. About this same time, I decided all the dental work I was having to get was a kind of clutter in my life. So, I began to do what the dentist recommended to minimize need of his service…. flossing after breakfast and before bed. Happy to say that since then I’ve only needed cleanings and x-rays….has super simplified my life:)

    Highly recommend taking the floss and toothbrush.

    • di says

      Did you know that you should not be exposed to more than 100 x-rays in a lifetime? It causes thyroid cancer among other things.

  6. TatiLie says

    I’m a dentist and I’ve loved David Engel’s comment!!
    Keep it at work. That’s nothing more distracting than having lunch ‘mementos’ between teeth when you need focusing in work.

    (and please don’t do it in your car. You will never do a good job and will ended up having plaque all over. And, when driving, your attentions should be on the road)

  7. Mneiae says

    My new year’s resolution is to start flossing regularly. I hope that you are also going to begin using floss. Flossing is good for you! Plus, my dental hygienist hates it when blood comes out. I also don’t enjoy seeing my blood on her gloves. If I floss regularly, I hope that that will be prevented :)

  8. Hannah B says

    I’m a few years late reading this post. I’m actually reading your entire blog from beginning to current posts. I had a dentist appointment 2 days ago and considered the same thing. I floss but I don’t use floss like that so I knew I wouldn’t use it. I also don’t use those tooth brushes because I have a better one that doesn’t hurt my sensitive gums. I still took the dang pack of dental goodies. I think I just wanted to be nice and accept their gesture of providing their customers with fresh toothbrushes. I will re-home these items and make sure someone gets use of them so they don’t have to buy a new toothbrush.

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