today is a holiday.

today is 70 degrees and sunny.

today, my neighbor spent 3-4 hours cleaning out his garage.

today, i pushed my daughter on the swing and helped my son learn to ride his bike.

Joshua Becker

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    Today we slept in, spent time with the kids and went out to lunch. There were lots of lawn mowers going around us and my house needs some attention, but I think we focused on the important stuff. What a great day!

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    It’s been two years since I first read this post and I’ve come back to it a few times. You are certainly an eloquent writer Joshua but this post is as vivid as any of the others in just a few words.

    Today, I dressed, fed and played with my son before he went to day care because I quit a job that was needed to maintain a lifestyle I no longer wanted. The time I now have to be there when he wakes up and gets home from day care is invaluable. Minimalism has played a huge role in getting me there.

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    Last weekend was Labor Day.

    My husband and I spent a couple hours cleaning the garage – and didn’t finish. We also spent time cleaning our cluttered house.

    I couldn’t help but remember your story, and hope that some year, we won’t have any need to spend a day or weekend to clean out clutter!

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