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raising two small children (and once being a child myself), i can attest to the fact that toys are often played with for 1-2 weeks and then quickly pushed to the bottom of the toy chest or relegated to some corner of the toy room.  even the toys that i think are going to be a huge hit with my kids meet the same fate.  last year, i purchased an electric racing set for my 5-year old thinking it would bring us hours and hours of enjoyment and competition… it lasted a little more than one evening.

because of that reality that all parents face, i was so excited to hear about the toy-lending library concept.  apparently, the idea has been around for awhile, but it’s new to me.  picture a library with a toyroom for children and as an added bonus: kids can check out the toys, take them home, and return them to the library in two weeks… which is just about right.

the toy lending library is a great alternative to the endless purchasing and storing of all your own toys.  see if your local community has one today.


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  1. Kate says

    Here in Switzerland, these Ludutheks are pretty standard. I grew up in the USA, so I’m still ‘translating’ a lot of my thinking to match where I and my family are now.

    I can tell you from experience, that the toy library is such a good thing, one must watch out not to take it for granted!

    We have used it as a test run for certain toys, and if they make the cut and we see she’ll play with it enough, only then do we wander into or to find a used one.

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