tuesday – office clean-up day

at my work, this tuesday has been designated as office clean-up day complete with turning off phones and minimal office hours.  i am very excited because my office has become overrun with clutter over the last three years since i moved in.  i have done minimal clean-up (mostly desktops) and am looking forward to a full office make-over.

i have several ideas that i am looking forward to incorporating on tuesday including:

  • take home every book that i have not used / eliminate at least one entire book shelf
  • transfer olf paper files to digital files
  • remove many items from my walls including my keith green record albums and university degrees
  • sort and store all digital media (cd’s, dvd’s, sdcards, and usb drives)
  • remove all items from my desktop (lamps, stackable files, stapler, etc.)
  • remove clutter in my office (sport souvenirs, travel souvenirs)
  • add a fresh coat of paint – something light, neutral, and less-distracting

do you have any other ideas for me?  granted, you haven’t seen my office – but any general minimalist office helps would be appreciated.

this will also be the first project where i post before and after photos.

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