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here at becoming minimalist, we love sharing the stories of regular people choosing to live a minimalist life. today, we’re posting vicky’s story who shared it with us through our share your story page.

I am only seventeen years old but I am aware enough to see the negative affects that consumerism has on everyone right now. I have been reading blogs and I was inspired by this blog especially to make some changes. There are so many benefits for changing to a minimalist lifestyle and that is my goal. I am already a few steps ahead at my age; I don’t have that many things. My goal in the next few weeks are to donate clothes that I know I am not going to wear anymore and spend less. I feel happy when I leave my wallet at home. I am sick of the way everyone spends their money. We don’t need to constantly buy plasma tv’s or other luxury items. I look forward to reading more tips on your blog.

vicky, know that you are more than “a few steps ahead” – you are miles ahead of most people your age. and miles ahead of most people my age too.

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  1. Heather says

    Vicky, you are a breath of fresh air. I wish you all the best on your journey. Please keep us posted as you move forward.

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