we wish you a plastic-free christmas

this christmas, i’m going plastic-free!

1) no plastic gifts, please.  please limit all of my gifts to wood, metal, or clothing.  remember, some plastics contain harmful chemicals.  also, i have noticed during my minimalizing of childrens’ toys that a disproporionate amount of toys removed have been plastic.  just picture the toys that your child doesn’t play with… how many of them are made of plastic?  that’s why i’m saying wood, metal, or cloth is the way to go this christmas. 

2) keep your christmas purchases off the plastic credit card unless you are able to pay it off at months’ end.  it’s no fun paying for christmas gifts and their interest well into the summer months.  especially during this global economic downturn, you need to be extra careful this christmas.  getting the right gift for somebody doesn’t require a lot of money – it just requires a lot of thought.

so keep the plastic to a minimum this christmas in both regards.  and you’ll enjoy a merry one.

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  1. paula says

    i have been enjoying your blog very much – reading backwards until this point where i need to comment. As a nascent minimalist, with three children (10,8,5) i have only one word regarding a plastic free christmas: LEGO!

    and an unrelated question, but one i ponder as I chuck stuff out – do you keep extra plates/glasses etc instead of getting rid of them because you know that as soon as you only own 5 plates the kids will drop and break them all?

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