wedding clutter

i am currently away from my house this week and unable to accomplish any of the projects on my “to minimalize” list.  before i left, i had been working in the basement going through some old storage.

as i was clearing things out, i found three boxes of items from our wedding – and that’s not even counting the unopened gifts.  unable to make a decision, i put them in the middle of the floor.

during my business trip this week, i stumbled upon an article about the very decision i was unable to make – how to handle wedding clutter.  i found it helpful in sorting out the decision that i need to make when i return early next week.  here’s the article: wedding clutter. and next week, i’ll let you know what we decided…

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  1. Travis says

    Thanks for the link.

    And thanks to this post I just binned my wife and my Wedding Cake knife. Why we were keeping that I do not know. We used it ONE day 5 years ago and the other 5 years it’s just taken up room in a drawer. :rolleyes:

    ps – don’t tell the missus it’s in the bin ;)

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